A Sustainable Approach to Left-behind Items

In this year’s 3rd annual Cornell student Sustainability Competition, two students came up with an innovative approach to handling left behind items that not only saves hotels money, but helps give something back to the community while doing so.  Lilia Karimi and Quinn Cox, both students at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, came up with “The Giving Bag” concept in an attempt to solve an expensive problem for hotels; what to do with left-behind items.

The two students’ research determined that 20% of items left in guest rooms are intentionally left behind by the guest.  By creating “The Giving Bag” they provide a place for guests to stash these undesired items to be easily donated to charity.  In a world where more and more people are focusing on being “Green” and creating better sustainability practices, this is a cost effective program that helps give something back in the process.